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Original Condition

This room is roughly 14' x 11'3". The carpet was trashed. There was a wallpaper stripe around the room at about a 5' height, bordered with chair rail top and bottom that was glued to the walls with construction adhesive and very poorly done (way too many scarf joints, most of which aren't aligned).

My Fixes

I purchased solid hickory flooring for this room. I also purchased new casings, baseboard, shoe moulding, plinth blocks, rosettes and some MDF boards so I can make window and door headers. I also bought two 1x6 oak boards to make new window stools. The existing ones are not wide enough for the casings I'm using.

I removed the wallpaper stripe with a steamer.

I removed the old trim and patched the damage from the terrible dual chair rail and wallpaper that was here before I bought the house. I had to prime the damaged drywall paper and gypsum, then apply several coats of all-purpose joint compound (sanding between coats). I then topped with Plus 3 lightweight joint compound before the final sand. I then sealed my drywall repairs by applying a coat of Kilz Original to all of the walls.

I fabricated new window stools from 1x6 oak boards with a bullnose edge that was cut on the router table. I created new aprons from oak and installed them with a cove transition to the stool.

I installed Floor Muffler underlayment and the hickory flooring.

I removed the closet door, filled the gouges and holes, primed and painted (enamel spray). I replaced the beat up door stop with new oak door stop. I replaced the door handle with one that matches all of the other handles on the second floor.

I created new window top casings from select pine. A 1x4 with a bead routed to match the apron is topped with a cornice of a strip of pine with a cove cut, then a strip of pine routed with a classical router bit. I thought about a taller top casing/entablature to get closer to the golden ratio, but it'd be different than other places in the house. The main issue here is that some of the windows and doors in the house don't have room for more than a 3" or shorter casing with no cornice at all, so I've been sticking to short casings/cornices. I glued and pin-nailed the same appliques I used in Bedroom 3 to the center of the top window casings.

I installed new 3" fluted side casings on the windows and doors. The doors have plinth blocks at the base of the casings.

Since I'm converting oak-colored pine trim to white trim, I replaced the jamb liners for all three windows. They were originally gray since the window sashes and jambs were stained. I replaced them with white jamb liners and refinished the sashes with satin white Rust-Oleum enamel spray. I removed the sashes to do the refinishing.

I installed a framed UHMW panel on the closet wall that's often used to lean a ladder when accessing the attic. No more drywall destruction when accessing the attic.

I created and installed new door top casings from poplar and select pine, matching the top casings of the windows (including the cornices).

I removed the closet light fixture, whose position was clearly an afterthought. It was touching the trim for the attic door, and was a hazard when entering the attic. I cut a new hole in the ceiling, installed a rework ceiling box and moved the wires to it. I installed a new 12" x 24" edge-lit LED panel using the new box. I patched the old box's hole with the cutout from the new electrical box and multiple rounds of joint compound and sanding, then Zinsser B-I-N primer.

I installed new satin nickel hinges on the room door, rehung the door, then cut and installed new oak door stop moulding. I removed the room door again, patched the gouges and holes, sanded, primed, sanded and painted with satin white enamel spray.

I installed new baseboard and shoe moulding.

I installed 3-piece crown moulding. As a result of it impinging a tiny bit on the cold air return vent flange, I enlarged the cold air return hole by 1/4" and installed a Victorian style cover. Since this cover is more open than the original, I painted the inside of the wall cavity with flat black paint. Details are important.

I painted the new trim with Behr Premium Plus Ultra, pure white satin.

I painted the ceiling with Behr Premium Plus Ultra ceiling white paint, two coats.

I painted the walls with Sherwin-Williams Duration Home, Concord Buff color, flat.

Short-term To-Do

Tools used for hardwood floor installation

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