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Original Condition

This room was in reasonable condition but for the carpet. The room is roughly 13' by 12'1".

One odd thing about this room: there are seven electrical outlets. That's a lot for a room this size. Not sure what the builder's intent was, but it means I needed a lot of new wall plates.

My Fixes

I removed the carpet and padding, in preparation for hardwood. I patched and painted the room in Behr Peach Glow, eggshell sheen. I painted the ceiling white, also eggshell sheen.

I replaced the light fixture with a very thin LED fixture. I did this because the ceiling height is low and hence the old ceiling fixture was awkward. I don't expect to use it very much since this room is intended as a reading room and hence will have task lighting.

I fabricated a fold-down window sill for the window and attached it with wood screws and biscuit joinery. This will allow felines to sit comfortably in the window. I bought two new window screens since the screens were missing. I fabricated a window header with cove and classical profiles, a pair of rosettes and an applique. The side casing is now 3" wide fluted casings. I primed and sanded, but I'm still working on it.

I fabricated and installed a header for the door and closet doors with the same profiles as the window, but added a bead piece at the bottom. Same rosettes and applique as thr window. I installed fluted door casings and plinth blocks.

I installed solid hickory hardwood flooring from Great Lakes Hardwood. 3/4" x 3" size with microbevel edges.

I installed new baseboard and shoe moulding.

I created a new door threshold from solid hickory and plywood. This was routed with a roundover bit on the top edges and rabbeted to accomodate the hardwood flooring. The plywood was just for height, it's not visible. The edges of the threshold that are in the hallway are 1.5" solid oak. I cut the door jambs to accomodate the new threshold, unlike the original threshold that was hack work by a shoddy trim carpenter. The new threshold extends beyond the jambs in the hallway, which is correct for a room that's above the floor. This provides a landing for the plinth blocks and door casings.


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