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Original Condition

Dimensions: roughly 12.5' x 15' (188 sq. ft.). Deep pile dark green carpet that was in good shape but not what I wanted.

My Fixes

The biggest change here is the flooring. I wanted tile, simply for the durability and ease of cleaning. This room will see a lot of traffic, and presumably have one or two office chairs (which tend to ruin carpet and even hardwood). Plus it's the front of the house; the easier it is to keep clean, the better.

The big problem was the floor deflection. It was much too high for tile, due to long spans. So I spent a whole bunch of time sistering most of the spans in the basement with LVL beams with a cutout for 1/8" thick steel plate (oriented vertically). I then replaced the X-bracing with pieces of individually cut LVL, and added a second row of X-bracing. The floor deflection is now essentially nil.

I am in the process of tiling the floor. I chose a 6"x24" porcelain tile for durability (PEI 4) and good slip resistance (DCOF >= 0.42). I'll be using SpectraLock Pro epoxy grout, because I prefer to not spend any time cleaning and maintaining grout. It's more work to apply (and not cheap), but every time I use it on a floor or wall, I'm glad I did.

Networking... this room needs to be wired well, since it'll be office space. I'd like it to be as inconspicuous as possible, but the reality is that I need at least 20 gigabit/sec from here to the rack in the basement. LACP is fine, I just want each in-use machine in the office to be able to use 10G (at the same time). 2 people times 10 gigabits/sec is 20 gigabytes/sec. I installed two keystone walljacks, one on each side of the room. But really, the one near the French doors isn't one we'd use with a computer; it's there for a networked laser printer and probably my scanner/copier/printer. The main wall plate currrently has OM-4 fiber (LC) and Cat6a keystones in it. Sadly I'll still need switches in the office, racked with UPS and power conditioning. Lots of stuff to plug into the network; desktop computers, laptops, Ooma Telo, Raspberry Pis, etc. This room will need its own WiFi, since it's in a very bad spot relative to my main access point.

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