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Original Condition

The family room was in reasonable condition when I purchased the home, other than very dirty carpet (which I cleaned multiple times), drywall cracks/nicks and some minor electrical issues (one dead switch and the builder-grade switches and wall plates). The ceiling fan was also making clicking noises when set to high.

There was also some ugly hackery done by the previous owner: speaker wire dangling out of two corners of the room with no support for the drywall, and holes drilled through the baseboard for more speaker wire.

Design-wise, I hate the gas fireplace, and the faux chimney on the roof has problems. At some point in the future, I intend to replace the fireplace with a wood-burning peninsular fireplace. The peninsula will allow a fire to be enjoyed from the family room, dining room and kitchen. I'll probably replace part of the wall with an LVL beam to open up the space a bit.

My Changes

I have not done much in the family room yet, other than replace light switches and wall plates and install a new ceiling fan to replace the original. I also installed a couple of GFCI receptacles with built-in nightlights. The whole house needs new flooring, family room included. The family room drywall needs to be repaired in a few areas, but I won't get to that until the roof issues have been addressed.

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