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Original Condition

The half bathroom is 46.5" deep x 59" wide, measured from wall to wall with the drywall installed. The pedestal sink is in somewhat rough shape, with dated brass fixtures that don't work very well. The light fixtures were brass builder-grade.

The floor was hardwood, and damaged from the toilet sweating. For what it's worth, I've always considered it insane to install hardwood in a bathroom for this reason. Even if by miracle your wax ring lasts forever, sweating of the toilet will eventually damage the floor. Especially in Michigan where water in the winter can be very cold if you flush a few times while the pressure tank is recovering. And preventing a wood floor from absorbing odors around a toilet is difficult.

The walls were a bit beat up, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with spackling and/or joint compound.

My Fixes

In September of 2015 I started the remodelling of the half bathroom. I removed the pedestal sink and toilet. I removed the hardwood floor and the lower 42" of sheetrock to expose the wall studs. I cleaned up the subfloor and gave it a single coat of Redgard just to give me more work time with the thinset. I then applied modified thinset and 1/4" cement board on the floor.

I created and installed support blocks for the edges of the drywall I cut and the cement board that will be installed. I also installed supports for the new pedestal sink.

I extended and then capped the supply lines for the toilet and sink. This let me finish the cement board and tile work without having the water main turned off.

I ordered the new toilet, TP holder, towel ring, towel bar and light fixture. I later ordered a mirror.

I tiled the floor with 3" white/gray marble octagons with small black marble accents. The marble is going to be fragile to maintain; I've already scratched some of the tiles. For now I'm going to call it part of marble's charm, and I will later buy some diamond polishing pads and a backing pad for my variable speed grinder.

I tiled the lower 42" of the walls with a glazed ceramic marble-look tile in subway tile size (3" x 6"). The top row is 4" tall by 16" long bullnose.

I used solid marble skirting (baseboard) pieces for the bottom row of the walls. These are 12" long by 4.75" tall. They were taller than I needed or wanted, so I cut them down about 1/2".

I cut about 1/4" off the bottom of the door to clear the new marble threshold with ease and to allow a rug to be placed on the floor.

I installed a new chrome door lever with square escutcheons.

I installed a new chrome commercial concave door stop with gray bumper. I didn't want to go this route, but it looks fine. All of the wall or door mount residential stops I looked at didn't have enough surface area to quell my concerns about cracking the tile if someone swung the door open hard. And I hate hinge-mounted stops, they trash the door casings and tweak the hinges, and don't really stop the door from hitting the wall unless adjusted to not let the door open very far. That last issue is a problem for a tiny half bathroom.

I was unable to find a wall cabinet I liked that would match the mirror I bought. So I built my own out of solid oak (except the back panel, which is 1/2" thick baltic birch plywood). It is mounted to the wall with a French cleat. The bottom (fixed) shelf is tiled with leftover tile from the floor. I have two large pieces of marble floor tile that I placed on two of the other shelves.


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