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Original Condition

The hardwood floor was in rough shape, mainly in one area near the island. I don't like hardwood in the kitchen, mainly due to the issues with spills. I will eventually replace the hardwood with porcelain tile.

The previous owner took the dishwasher and trash compactor, leaving gaping holes where they once lived. He also ripped out the floor of the undersink cabinet, from what looks like water damage. The right side of that cabinet buckled at the dado joint for the floor, and the left side was seriously damaged when the floor was ripped out. The toe kick plate for this cabinet was not attached to anything, it was just propped in position. Said, given that the base of this cabinet acted as an HVAC duct.

The ceiling fan over the dining area had 2 bad light bulb sockets.

The cooktop was in rough shape but sort of works. I will be replacing it.

It looks to me like there was originally a double wall oven, and later they were replaced with a single wall oven and a microwave. While these appliances work, the microwave wasn't trimmed in properly and I don't like it (it's slow to respond to the control buttons due to some poor software engineering). I will later install a double wall oven.

Both of the R12 light bulbs in recessed fixtures were burned out. The one over the sink was broken.

There was a mix of compact flourescent and incandescent BR30 bulbs in the 8 recessed ceiling fixtures.

The ceiling fan switch was intermittent. The dimmer for the 4-way circuit for the ceiling fan light was also intermittent. Some of the wall plates were cracked, one had a large piece broken off.

My Fixes

I replaced the ceiling fan.

I have replaced all of the light switches and dimmers with Lutron Maestro versions. Some are now occupancy-sensing dimmers. I replaced the fan control with a Lutron Maestro digital fan control. I replaced the switches for the R12 recessed fixtures over the counter with Lutron Maestro digital dimmers.

I replaced the eight BR30 light bulbs in the recessed ceiling fixtures with Cree 60W-equivalent 2700K LED bulbs. I replaced the broken R12 bulbs with LED versions.

I created a new undersink cabinet from scratch with oak plywood, oak boards and a piece of real oak laminate. I used a new solid brass HVAC register from Signature Hardware that has a brushed nickel finish. The new cabinet is MUCH stronger than the original, and I re-used the original solid wood facing so it perfectly matches the other cabinets. I installed a 1/4" thick piece of chemical-resistant PVC on the floor of this cabinet. I installed a Rev-A-Shelf 58-15C-5 pull-out basket on the left side and built a custom pull-out drawer on the right side that rides on Blum 569R bottom-mount glides. No more rooting around in a dark cabinet to find a cleaning supply.

I installed a Bosch SHX68T55UC 800 Series dishwasher. It has a third rack for cutlery, and is all stainless and very quiet.

I installed a Kohler Barossa faucet and soap dispenser. The original faucet was leaking like a sieve from the control handle and the faucet base (two separate pieces), and had a non-functional side sprayer in a very awkward position (between the sink bowls). The new faucet has a pull-down sprayer with magnetic docking. I may or may not keep the faucet long-term, but it was available locally and at $199.00 was cheaper than the other faucets I was considering.

I installed a new decora receptacle under the sink for the garbage disposal. The original receptacle's contacts were severely corroded, probably from water from the leaky faucet. The wall cutout was also too large, so the receptacle was not well-supported. By using a decora style outlet and a thick cast metal wall plate, I now have a solid receptacle.

To fill the space formerly occupied by a trash compactor, I built a new cabinet from scratch with birch plywood and red oak. This cabinet has a Rev-A-Shelf 5349-2150DM-217 pull-out waste container setup in it. Two 50-quart bins, one for trash and one for recyclables. Both have lids, the one for recyclables is green. I lined the floor of this cabinet with a piece of 1/4" thick chemical-resistant PVC, which is on top of a piece of .080" thick acrylic just to bring the floor flush with the edge of the cabinet fascia. I ordered a custom cabinet door for it from quikdrawers.com. This cabinet setup is MUCH better than a trash compactor IMHO. It's simpler, it won't fail in a power outage, and it accomodates recyclables.

I replaced the cabinet door and drawer bumpers with Quietex bumpers. The original bumpers were overdue for replacement; some were almost gone and many were sticky. The Quietex bumpers are the nicest bumpers I've ever used. They're very quiet, and with a small contact point, they don't stick.

I installed five Pass & Seymour 1595NTLTRWCC4 GFCI outlets. One on each side of the sink above the counter, one at each end of the dining table and one in the island. These have built-in LED nightlights, so I can disable the motion sensor on the recessed lighting and still find my way through the kitchen at night. I will likely install more, since there are other outlets that need to be replaced. They are not cheap, but I've come to really appreciate them.

My Plans

I intend to install a range hood in the tile arch, and a 36" induction cooktop in the counter beneath it. It's unclear to me what happened here... the arch and tile work was clearly intended for a cooktop, but the builder put the cooktop (downdraft, sigh) in the island.

I intend to fill the area under the desk with a cabinet. This will hold my KitchenAid mixer and my large slow cooker.

I intend to modify the island to have a contiguous top instead of the flimsy split-level setup, and to have room for cutting board storage and a beverage center or wine refrigerator. I will replace the cooktop with a prep sink.

I intend to refinish the floor, though I may later replace it with porcelain tile.



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