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Last Modified Mar 11, 2012
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ams is the name of a desktop machine that was put into play on January 1, 2011. The accidental death of my previous desktop (gwydion) prompted me to build ria to replace my old gateway, and repurpose my old gateway as my desktop.

ams was originally a dual-Xeon machine that I bought for work. Funny that even today, a dual 2.8GHz Xeon machine is not something to sneeze at (Moore's law has morphed). The memory bandwidth is lower than a modern machine with DDR3 and faster busses, of course. And I'd love to have a Mac Pro with at least 2 quad-cores, but it's expensive. Keeping ams alive means saving some money while still having a perfectly usable machine. That is, until I can't buy AGP video cards anymore (and that day is approaching quickly).

ams is watercooled, currently using a single 120mm radiator with both push and pull fans, a Swiftech MCP655 pump and obviously a pair of waterblocks (one per CPU). No watercooling of the hard drives like gwydion, and the video card just has a large heatsink.

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