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Last Modified Nov 10, 2014

My first hackintosh. For some information on my motivation for building this machine, see hackintosh.

I used known working parts for an easy OS installation. Here I'm using an i7 2700K, which is a 4-core.

There are a number of motherboard options for this processor. Given that this is my first hackintosh build, I went with a known working board: the Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3.

Below is the list of hardware with prices as of August 3, 2012. Note that buying an equivalent iMac would have cost $3100. It actually would not be quite equivalent, since Apple doesn't have an iMac configuration with 32G of RAM but would have a 1TB data drive as opposed to my 500G data drive. And of course the iMac would include the beautiful display, but not without problems (many users have continued to report problems with dust and yellowing of the backside of the display glass on the iMac). Most importantly for me, I have additional drive bays and effective cooling, and significantly more graphic card power (as well as options to buy more powerful graphics card solutions).

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Cooling Effectiveness

Using the Corsair fans, with an ambient temperature of 22C, I saw core temperatures in HWMonitor reported as 51C, 57C, 49C and 51C after 15 minutes at full load. HWMonitor reports ambient as 46C, which is obviously bogus (where does that sensor reading come from?).

A disappointment with the Arc Midi case includes the filter in the top, which points toward it being intended for intake. With it being used as exhaust, it's just restriction and is probably going to be loaded up with dust in little time. It also causes warm air to be recirculated, since my radiator is not as wide as the mesh openings in the top of the case. I'll need to work up a solution to this issue.

A second disappointment is the stupid fan grill in the side door. Ideally the side door would have a window or just be solid. I made my own window from scratch-resistant polycarbonate.

I replaced the Corsair H100 fans with Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans. They're not as effective as the Corsair fans at full load, but they're MUCH quieter. I haven't decided whether or not to switch to using the top as an intake. It's completely against my intuition for air flow, but it would make it easier to clean the top filter (a vacuum would work fine). Right now, it's not like there aren't plenty of escapes for positive pressure... the rear 140mm fan and all the room around the radiator in the top of the case.

I want some additional lighting inside the case. At the moment I'm thinking I'm going to use one of my Luxeon dome light modules. They produce a tremendous amount of light, though I don't have a convenient way to mount one at the moment. However, that problem is relatively easy to solve.


Apple messed up SpeedStep in 10.7.4, which will cause the CPU cores to run at very low speed. This is the fix.
Using UniBeast to install OSX, from insanelygreatmac.
Using UniBeast to install OSX on a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3.

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