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Last Modified Apr 1, 2019

Target configuration

Below is the intended configuration of my office ethernet switches. Since they'll be installed in rack furniture and visible, I want clean cabling. Hence the patch panels, which have pass-through couplers in them. The ugly parts will all be hidden in the back of the rack furniture (currently Middle Atlantic MDV-R12, but later a custom rack). I'm installing rack rails in the rear of the MDV-R12, with a second set of patch panels that will just connect to the front patch panels. This will let me easily connect and disconnect gear in the back, and will also keep the cables inside the rack from blocking air flow from the switches. I will likely later install a Middle Atlantic fan panel to force air out the back of the rack.

I could have connected the switches with DACs, but having fiber transceivers here gives me future flexibility such as running another pair of OM4 duplex cables to the basement and connecting the US-24 to the basement US-16-XG switch or the basement US-48-500W switch. Or if I have a problem with the US-16-XG in the office, I can run the US-24 with existing OM4 fiber to the basement. In addition, I'm unable to find short DAC cables; they're all at least .5 meters in length, with a large bend radius. With OM4 fiber, I can order custom length cables and they're inexpensive.

I went with shielded cables and couplers for all of the Cat6 and Cat6A connections because there's little price difference. The shielded connections protect signal integrity and also reduce EMI that can affect other things.

Wish List

I need the following items to finish the office/den network switch setup.

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Parts Ordered

Below are parts I've already ordered. Note that I already own the US-24.

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April 1, 2019

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