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Last Modified Feb 22, 2017
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My new web server www replaces axle, my former web server.

This server was also part of my plan to downsize and simplify my computing resources. I want to get to the point where I have only two or three machines in the rack, all low-power (MiniITX or MicroATX form factor). Preferably all using similar hardware, all with dual LAN and at least 4 on-board SATA ports.

www hardware

Some hints on the extras...

I bought an 80mm fan to populate the empty fan location in the front of the case. I bought the 92mm fan to replace the rear fan included with the case. The 2nd 80mm fan is to blow air across the hard drives via a new hole I'll make in the right side of the case. The Noctua fans are rated for 150,000+ hours, which is well above most fans available. Reliability is very important here.

The SATA power Y-cables... the power supply in the case only has four SATA power connections. I want six, the Y-cables get me there.

The 12" SATA data cables... those are for the hard drives in the 3.5" hard drive cage.

4G of RAM... the maximum the motherboard will support.

www software

As usual for my headless machines, I'll be running FreeBSD. No issues here, I'm running it on identical hardware on ria.

Grand Total