Cub Cadet SLTX 1050 Snowthrower controls

I'd like to not have the control arms for the snowthrower. Not for the chute, and not for the lift. They're not much fun to use if I have a snow cab. For the chute, I'd like to use a joystick for control. An ETI J1-00105 would work nicely, and it's only $35 from . For the lift, I can use a DPDT or SP3T rocker switch. For the chute angle actuator, I can use a Firgelli FA-MS-15-12-xx, roughly $75. I haven't decided what do so for the chute side-to-side drive. I don't really like the window motor idea that others have used; it's very exposed no matter how well it's mounted. I'd actually prefer a sprocket or belt setup with the motor mounted on the same axis as the chute.