March 12, 2011

sitemap deployed

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I’ve deployed my web site map. This is the result of the work discussed in my post on Using Wt (C++ Web Toolkit) for a web site map. The original application mentioned in that post can now run as a WidgetSet application, and is now embedded in my php page wrappers.

I’m starting to think that it’d be nice to play with replacing my search page with a Wt application. Not because there’s anything wrong with the existing search, but because I’d like to free myself from maintaining the javascript. The javascript for my search page isn’t large nor terrible since I’m using jQuery, but replacing it with Wt would permit graceful degradation. And while javascript is handy, I’m still a non-expert in it.

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  1. dwm says:

    I’ve added a cookie to keep track of which menu items should be expanded, across sessions.

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