July 9, 2011

cleaning up the attached garage bay (the batcave): part 4

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Last night I mounted the 5th fluorescent light. I think I’m done for now, and will utilize the 6th light elsewhere or just keep it as a spare. 300W of fluorescent light seems like enough for my purposes in this single garage bay. It’s definitely better than I had before, and the installation is MUCH cleaner than what was there previously.

Tonight I replaced the worn-out outlet that was used for the old rickety fluorescent lights. One of the problems with this outlet is that the box is mounted too deep, and some erosion of the surrounding plaster (it’s actually stucco). The outlet itself wasn’t snugged up against anything. I shimmed the new outlet with washers to make it snug against the box.

I am going to look at getting rid of the long extension cord used to power the central vacuum; it’s awkward and in the way. That would simply mean installing an outlet and running wire to it. Maybe a new breaker so it has its own circuit. Relatively easy to do since the basement ceiling is unfinished. I don’t use the central vacuum since it’s weak and a power hog compared to my uprights, but I didn’t take down the extension cord for it since the owners used it.

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  1. dwm says:

    I bought a cover for the junction box and installed it.

    I also bought a weatherproof outlet cover and installed it on the wall outlet closest to the exterior garage door. The main reason I did this was just to help prevent moisture from getting into the outlet and wall when I spray off the floor. I’ll be doing more floor cleaning work soon.

    I bought 2 more gallons of muriatic acid to etch the concrete once I’m done removing paint and other crud from it. This will be preparation for a coat of Aluthane. I’m still planning to buy a BLT mat since I like the slight cushioning and insulation (prevents beating the heck out of my chrome tools, for example), but one edge of the garage will not be covered by the mat. The Aluthane will also be used on the lower part of the walls and probably on the garage door.

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