March 18, 2012

Site content calendar work started

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This weekend I started working on a simple page to allow browsing content on my site by last modification date. I don’t expect this to be very useful to visitors. Its main intent is to let me keep track of what I’ve worked on recently.

has a WCalendar widget that I’m using as a base class for the calendar. I extend the WCalendar class and add my own loading (in the constructor), cell rendering to highlight dates on which content was modified, and of course I connect selection signals to my own slots. When a date is selected, a WTable below the calendar will display links to the content that was modified on that date.

I save a cookie holding the last date selected, so that when a user returns to the same page within 24 hours, the calendar will load the month of the last date selected and will select the last date selected. The WTable will be updated appropriately.

Since my indexing code already saves a last modified time as a document value when I’m indexing the web site, and I already had C++ code to pluck document data from the database, it was not difficult to have my application load the data that’s behind the calendar. I spent a great deal more time getting the calendar to look the way I want than I spent writing functional code.

You can see the new calendar here. It’s not finished, but it’s functional.

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