August 12, 2016

Raspberry Pi garage door opener: Part 5

Tonight I finished running cat5e from the new wall plate box in the garage to the basement. This was a difficult, sweaty job climbing around on trusses in the attic with fish tape (it was over 95F during the day today). But it’s done. I will terminate the ends with new jacks tomorrow.

Over this week I did some work on the enclosure for the Raspberry Pi, my HAT, buttons, indicators, POE splitter and jacks. I installed two Neutrik etherCON jacks in the enclosure for the rotary encoders, since those are on the top of the enclosure and I want to keep dust out of the connection. Fortunately the rotary encoder wires are correctly sized to use with a crimped RJ45. The door activation buttons and door status indicator LEDs are installed in the front cover. Everything appears to fit, though I will not receive my custom PCBs until Monday and hence can’t assemble the whole thing until next week.

I am also waiting on some cable glands, keystone inserts for the door activation wiring and the rotary encoder mounting piece I designed (which I ordered from Front Panel Express).

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