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Lista SC0900-501F

A while back I bought an SC0900-501F locally via craigslist. I paid $350. The cabinet had all of the PrevenTip hardware removed and no key for the lock core. The previous owner had also done all sorts of screwy things: brush painted the cabinet poorly (going right over paper drawer labels and masking tape), put the drawer slides in backward (why he didn't notice that the drawers didn't close flush nor sit in the detents when closed is beyond me), used way too thick grease on the roller bearings which was preventing them from rolling and hence creating metal dust inside the cabinet due ot the rollers sliding on the tracks instead of rolling, installed crappy Harbor Freight casters underneath the forklift base (making it too tall and also really ugly), etc.

I've slowly but surely been restoring it to serviceable condition. Right now I'm working on refinishing it. I will be buying the correct caster kit for it (CB-SC6B), and putting a butcher block top on it. I'm considering buying the PrevenTip hardware, which is available (I got a quote from Lista Leslie at TBM).

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