Simpson PS 60995 power washer
Last Modified May 31, 2023

In 2023 it was time to buy a new pressure washer. My old Craftsman still works, but I wanted something with a little bit more pressure while still being able to run from a 2.5 GPM supply. I also wanted an easier-to-start engine on a chassis that's easier to move around, and more accessibility for maintenance. I also wanted an entry-level professional model, mainly for durability and reliability. That meant a Honda GX200 engine and a triplex pump, but at the right price point. Tractor Supply had the Simpson PS 60995 on sale for $599, and it fit the bill. There are better pumps than the AAA unit on this model, but for my weekend warrior use at home, it should serve me well as long as I winterize it for the winter. This isn't a tool I'll use every day, though in the summer months it'll get used weekly. But I need it to just work and be easy to get out and put away.

The only issues I had after unboxing:

The other issue on my first night: forgetting which direction was 'on' for the fuel cutoff. The labelling is non-obvious even in daylight. It's also the opposite direction of the throttle and choke, so it's not very intuitive. I'll get used to it.



Alternate spray gun

I have the Simpson 80148 spray gun with side assist handle, which was an add-on. The side-assist handle isn't anything to write home about, but it is nice to be able to change hand positions when using the powerwasher for long periods. I got it from Home Depot.

Turbo nozzle

I have a Simpson 80143 turbo nozzle, which is so much faster than a fan nozzle when cleaning things like concrete. I got it from Home Depot.

Pressure adjuster on gun

I have the Simpson 82232 Dial-N-Wash pressure regulator installed on the 80148 gun. I haven't used it at any setting other than maximum yet, but I am certain it will come in handy. Of course it's probably not as pump-friendly as adjusting the setting at the pump, but it's a lot more convenient. As a bonus it makes a big hand hold for the gun.

Undercarriage water broom

I bought the sub-par Ryobi under-carriage sprayer. I haven't used it yet, but I'm pretty sure I'd have to put weights on it to use it as a water broom. I only plan to use it in the upward orientation for cleaning the underside of my vehicles and tractor, for which I think it will be fine for a while.

36" wand

I'll probably leave this on the original gun, to be used with the undercarriage water broom. I still need to buy a 90-degree wand for that purpose.

Quick disconnects

I put quick disconnects on the 25' hose, both spray guns and the pump outlet. With my old pressure washer, I was always spending way too much time fussing with the M22 connections every time I used it. The quick disconnects make it fast and easy to attach or detach hose and guns; I'll likely use the pressure washer more often as a result.