Cub Cadet SLTX1050
Last Modified Jul 27, 2015


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Tire Options

The ones I like most at the moment are the Kenda Terra Trac K502 from; the price is right, and I like the tread pattern and the rounded shoulder.

Planned Attachments and Modifications

Berco 44" snowthrower

Berco 700423 snow cab

Powerlet outlet

Improved Hydro Cooling

The cooling setup for the hydrostatic transmission is kind of lame. There's a plastic fan attached to the top of the hydro drive pulley, with no guard. The air from it is not well directed, and I've seen a few cases where the fan has been destroyed (in one case, due to the belt hopping off). I'm not so worried about the fan being destroyed. My main issue is that I want the hydro cooled all of the time, without depending on whether or not it's engaged and not depending on throttle speed. There are times I want to use the tractor at less than full throttle (PTO not engaged), without suffering poor hydro cooling. My intended solution is a Spal VA21-A37/C-45S (pusher) or Spam VA21-A37/C-45A (puller) fan. In free air (no static pressure), it moves 295 cfm with 2.5A current draw at 13V. That's barely more than a single headlight bulb. The fan is 140mm in diameter, and the frame is 150mm x 150mm. There is tons of room above and forward of the hydro for it, but I'll need to fabricate a mount for it (should be easy).

Fumoto F110N Oil Drain Valve

Upgraded stator

The stock stator is 15 amps. I'd like the Kohler 54 755 03-S upgrade kit, which converts it to 25 amps.

Oil cooler

I believe I can use the Kohler 24 755 120-S oil cooler kit, even if it doesn't quite work with the shroud on the SV730. Even if I have to use longer lines and mount the cooler elsewhere with an electric fan, I can use the oil filter adapter at the crankcase.

Headlight Switch

I will rarely if ever need the headlights. I see no reason to have them on all of the time as they are in stock form. One of the bulbs has already blown, which is not surprising given the low-quality bulbs and bumpy rides over some areas of the yard by the lake. I might need headlights in the winter for snowthrowing, but that'd be my only use. I'd like to use a relay and an Apem IPR1SAD5-LOS pushbutton. The ignition should light the pushbutton LED, dimly. When on, the LED should be at full brightness.

Reverse Light

I'd like a SoundOff 4" square 1000 lumen LED flood light for reverse in the winter. has the best price I could find, $95.75. It draws 3.1 amps at 12.8V. I'd like to use a relay and an Apem IPR1SAD5-LOS pushbutton to activate.

Snowthrower lights

The stock headlights suck, and I know from experience that they're not very useful when throwing snow because they're behind the auger housing and the chute. I'd like to use a pair of SoundOff 500 lumen round LED flood lights mounted directly to the auger housing. has the best price I could find, $61.50. Each one draws 1.3 amps at 12.8V. That's considerably less than the stock headlight bulbs.