Making my own office furniture: Part 3

On Sunday, I cut the base piece of plywood for the drawer cabinet that will also serve as a printer stand. I also installed half of the pocket hole plugs, trimmed them and sanded them flat. I have 8 more to do for the top of the cabinet.

On Monday, the 2″ casters arrived for the drawer cabinet that will also serve as a printer star. They’ll be installed in the base I cut on Sunday. I’m still waiting for the nut inserts and bolts to arrive for that. Assuming this all goes well, it’s likely that I’ll make a second one. Kind of a symmetry thing, one on each side of the french doors. I think I have more than enough Middle Atlantic TD drawers to fill two of them, and more storage is a good thing. I’d say I could always buy more Middle Atlantic TD drawers, but the price has become obscene (like 5X more than what I paid years ago). Kind sad that if someone were starting this project today, and wanted to use three 4U and three 3U drawers, they’d spend $1200 on the drawers alone. That’s more expensive than solid 5/8″ maple dovetail drawers with 100 lb. slides from and much more expensive than baltic birch drawers with slides. Of course the advantage of the Middle Atlantic TD drawers is more usable space (wood takes up a lot more space).

I stopped at Rockler on my way home and bought a can of Georgian Cherry gel stain. I don’t really imagine using this alone, since it’s redder than I’d use in the office. But I may experiment with layering it in combination with another stain, or multiple coats and then a dark glaze. The latter yields pretty results on oak in the articles I’ve read.

It looks like the relatively inexpensive hand-held 4″ wetsaw at Lowe’s gets good reviews. If I buy one, I can buy 24″ x 24″ marble-look polished porcelain tile for the top and cut it to the size I need.

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