Biktrix Ultra FS Pro 3 first ride

I put together my Biktrix Ultra FS Pro 3 and went for a night ride. I’ve yet to make any suspension adjustments, but this was about making sure everything was functional.

I put almost 10 miles on it, in the dark. The Armageddon light is nice to have since it’s always on the bike and runs from the main battery. But as expected, the Outbound Hangover on my helmet is IMHO a must-have. It allows me to direct light further ahead and where I want. I have a Specialized Stix Elite 2 tail light on my helmet, and another on a reflector mount on the rear rack of the bike.

I think I’ve determined that I want longer handlebars and a shorter stem. The longer bars due mostly to the super tenacious grip of the 4″ fat tires and the weight of the bike (it’s very heavy). A shorter stem for more direct input. I think a 50mm Deity Copperhead would be a good stem choice. The stock handlebars are 700mm, which to me is too short just from a cornering leverage perspective. Obviously there are tradeoffs here, but I think something in the 740mm to 750mm range would be more appropriate for me, despite my height only being 5’8″.

I put more air in the front fork after the ride, from the top. I’m a bit over 50 psi there now. I will later adjust the bottom and the rebound, but they’re usable for now.

For road riding, I think the rear shock adjustment is OK for now.

For what it’s worth, I almost didn’t even notice the Pedaling Innovations Catalyst One pedals. What I can say is that they’re grippy with the Etnies Camber shoes, and I had no foot pain at all. I think the real story will be revealed the day I take a spin with Vans skate shoes (floppy sole). But I’m pretty sure they’re going to be nice long-term. My climbing stance feels OK.

First time on a ebike, pedaling while standing with pedal assist on is VERY different. And probably not something I’ll do often. We’ll see how long it takes me to adjust. Part of the issue here is the delay in pedal assist; this isn’t a Shimano or Bosch system. I suspect that when I really want to stand and hammer on the pedals, I’ll do it with no pedal assist. There is always the throttle when I run out of legs.

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