mcrover can now check backup status (dumpdates)

I finally finished the small remaining piece of work to have mcrover monitor my backups. Specifically, those using ‘dump’. I have 10 computers using dump for automated nightly backups, over the network. Once in a while I’ll accidentally create a problem via access configuration and not realize that my nightly backups aren’t happening for one of the 10 computers. Since I run mcroverd on all of these computers, it makes sense for it to be able to tell me when a backup hasn’t occurred as scheduled.

Right now mcrover only looks for any level of dump within a configured interval for the given configured devices, not for specific levels. I’ll augment this with the ability to check specific levels later, once I decide on a sane configuration syntax to support it. At the moment I trust my dump driver, I’ve been using it for more than 20 years at this point and have done multiple partial and full recoveries from the dumps. If dumpdates is correct, it just works.

The current configuration syntax in the local stanza of the configuration looks like this:

 #  Check that a 'dump' of the given devices has occurred within the
 #  given time interval.  
 DUMPS = [ { device = "/dev/gpt/gprootfs"; period = 1d6h; },
           { device = "/dev/gpt/gpusrfs";  period = 1d6h; },
           { device = "/dev/gpt/gpvarfs";  period = 1d6h; } ];

This ticks a box for yet another thing I’ve always wanted at home. mcrover only shows me problems, and that’s what I need. I don’t want a dashboard I have to make time to read. Checking my backups here is handy.

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