Luxor STC211 utility cart

Yesterday I received a Luxor STC211 cart from Wayfair. It was $100.99 with free shipping.

It’s a good cart for detailing. It’s all plastic except the casters, so it should be essentially impervious to water and obviously will not rust. The top is not truly flat; there’s a slight ridge around the edge, maybe 1/8″ tall. I consider this a good thing for a detailing cart. I wanted a near-flat (not tub) top to make it easier to lay some items on the top and not have a top that could hold much water. The ridge has little effect on either of those functions.

I wanted a tub shelf for the middle shelf because it makes it easy to hang spray bottles on the tub edge while working. This helps prevent dirt from clinging to the bottom of detailing product bottles. I also wanted a tub shelf here to retain bottles when rolling the cart around. For the same reason, I wanted a tub bottom shelf.

It went together in about 5 minutes, the only tool needed was a rubber mallet.

I previously said I could probably use another one, and I’ve every reason to believe it’s worth buying a second one. I’ve put it on my wish list. This one will quickly be loaded with the intended day-to-day detailing products: spray-on car wash, wheel cleaners, detailing sprays, spritz sealant, microfiber towels, etc.

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