Thumbs down for GritGuard bucket dollies

Not long ago, I posted about buying a GritGuard dual bucket wash system.

I like the buckets and the gamma seal lids. But the dolly system is sub-par. The caster wheels are too small to roll over cracks, the casters don’t seat very snugly, the connecting plate setup is very flimsy because it uses the casters to hold it, and there’s no place to store mitts, brushes or sponges.

Given the price, you’re MUCH better off buying buckets from and Pail Pal dollies. The Pail Pail bucket dollies have 3″ casters, cubbies to hold wash mitts/brushes/sponges, and are stronger than the GritGuard dollies. My next dollies will be the Pail Pal dollies.

I will probably remove the casters from the Grit Guard dollies and bolt them to my own rolling platform.

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