new computer rack: Startech RK2536BKF

I recently decided it was time to retire one of my 42U computer racks. It was overkill for my needs, and I didn’t look forward to having to move it in the spring.

I replaced it with a refurbished Startech RK2536BKF, which is a 25U rack with a vented glass front door and a mesh rear door. It is near perfect for my needs, and I couldn’t pass up the price: $386.99 plus $111.55 shipping from Startech via Amazon. I could not identify anything on the rack that would indicate it is refurbished; it looked new to me.

Here’s a picture of the front of the new rack with the door open. From top to bottom: ART PS4x4 power distribution, Middle Atlantic TD-5 5U drawer (for rack screws, ethernet cables, etc.), an HP TFT76000 KVM console (17″ LCD, keyboard and trackpad), a Belkin OmniView PRO 8-port KVM, ria and www on a shelf, depot, a Powerware 5125 1500VA UPS and a Powerware 5115 1400VA UPS. Not visible are the parts on the rear of the rack: a Zyxel GS1100-16 gigabit ethernet switch, another ART PS4x4 PDU and a pair of Middle Atlantic QTFP-2 fan panels.

I will be putting my 42U rack on craigslist. It’s also a Startech breakdown rack, with an acrylic front door, steel rear door and 3 fans in the top.

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