Upgrade in progress

I’ve been working on upgrading my web server this week. This was no small task since I migrated from FreeBSD 8.4-STABLE to FreeBSD 10.1-STABLE, from apache 2.2 to apache 2.4, from Wt 3.2.0 to Wt 3.3.4, php 5.5 to php 5.6, etc.

The operating system upgrade went smoothly (I build from source since I run a custom kernel configuration) other than one glitch during pkg2ng.

The apache upgrade was more work since the configuration has changed a bit. It’s done and working.

It took me a bit to bring my changes from wt-3.2.0 into wt-3.3.4. All of these changes were in the Chart classes, but there had been some refactoring that I had to handle. I’m done and rebuilding my apps to use wt-3.3.4.

I am going to abandon gallery3 and deploy my dwmgallery software very soon. Uploading is much more graceful with my software, and gallery3 was abandoned over a year ago. As a bonus, my software does not need mysql. I will likely eventually ditch WordPress too, only because I’d like to ditch mysql. All in the name of more efficient computing; I’d like to keep using my low-power server (Intel Atom 510) for as long as possible. I will eventually move to a Xeon E3-12XX, only to gain addressable memory in ECC form.

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