Raspberry Pi garage door opener: part 8

On Wednesday night I stuffed the enclosure with the Raspberry Pi, buttons, indicators and POE splitter after making all of the internal connections. I assembled the second Neutrik dataCON on the second rotary encoder. I temporarily taped my enclosure to the garage wall for testing, and connected the rotary encoders, door activation wires and the POE connection. I also attached the second magnetic door switch to the wall above the south door, and attached the magnet to the top of the door. I then did some basic testing. Both doors work correctly via the web app from my iPhone, and the rotary encoder connections work correctly.

On Thursday night I extended the wiring for the magnetic door switches (soldered joints and heat shrink), then sleeved the extensions with gray braided sleeve. Since I’m still waiting for a Neutrik jack for these, I’m temporarily using a dual row barrier strip to connect them to my PCB inside my enclosure.

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