Grey Pneumatic Duo-Socket set 81635MRD

This week I received a Grey Pneumatic 81635MRD Duo-Socket set. It’s a 3/8″ drive metric set with shallow and deep sockets from 7mm to 22mm.

Grey Pneumatic 81635MRD Duo-Socket set

Some observations…

The blow-molded case is nicer than I expected. I usually put blow-molded cases in the recycling bin. They’re often very wasteful of space, poorly engineered and poorly built (Wera cases being one of a few exceptions). While the case for the 81635MRD isn’t nearly as nice as a Wera case, it isn’t wasteful of space and I like the fact that there’s a spot for the handle inside the case.

Grey-Pneumatic 81635MRD Duo-Socket set case

The ratchet isn’t terribly well-balanced with a shallow socket, but it’s fine with a deep socket. The handle is comfortable though, and the drive has NO play at all; I’m guessing this ratchet is sealed up better than any other quick-release ratchet I own, and the head is slim with the quick-release button and the direction change lever recessed. I think it’ll work fine in the tight confines of a modern engine bay.

Now to the sockets, which was the whole reason I bought this set. The Duo-Sockets are intended for both manual and impact tools. Just looking at them, I don’t think they’re any thicker than any of my chrome hand sockets, or at least not by much. I’ve no idea how strong they are, and given that I try not to abuse my tools, only time will tell. But I didn’t buy them for use with my impact tools; I bought them because they have large laser etching of the sizes AND a nicely darkened roll-stamp of the size on the base. They’re easier to read than any of my other sockets.

As shipped, all of the parts are coated with rust-prevention goop that’s tacky in feel. I removed it all with Totally Awesome cleaner and water, then coated them with EEZOX. Here’s a picture of two of the sockets.

Grey Pneumatic Duo-Sockets

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