Bosch CLPK27-120 (PS21, PS41 and charger)

Today I purchased a Bosch CLPK27-120 from Lowe’s. It’s a bundle consisting of the PS21 12V Pocket Driver, PS41 Impact Driver, two BAT412 batteries, a BC430 charger and a carry bag for all of it.

These are nice tools for my intended purpose. For starters, my old Bosch Ni-Cad drill is getting long in the tooth; it’s seen a lot of use over the many years I’ve owned it, and it’s been dropped many times. The batteries are no longer available, and they don’t hold a charge like they did way back when. Yes, I could have the batteries repacked. However, the reality is that the new lithium-ion tools are much more powerful and I needed a backup anyway, since I don’t know when my old Bosch cordless drill might die completely.

These 2 tools are intended for my automotive tool cart. They’ll be used to run nuts and bolts quickly. They’re small, fairly light, well-balanced and comfortable. For small 12V tools, they’re capable of quite a bit of torque, and the PS21 drill on its lowest clutch setting is unlikely to strip anything, including trim screws that are threaded into thin speed nuts. The batteries charge in about 30 minutes.

The bag is thin and not very protective, but it’s mostly immaterial to me. I will likely buy a Tanos Systainer to hold everything.

Bosch PS41

Bosch PS41

Bosch PS21

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