Building my own detailing storage cart

I need to build a custom-sized cart to hold my detailing supplies. I’ve tried to find a plastic utility cart of the right size, but every one I’ve found compromises space utilization for the Sterilite Stacker 4-gallon and 7-gallon bins I used to store towels, fluids, brushes, etc.

I need 3 shelves, each with a shelf clearance of about 14″. I want a width of at least 40″. I need a lip on each shelf to retain the bins when rolling the cart around, which means my shelf-to-shelf dimension needs to be about 15″. I’d like to use casters I already have on hand if possible.

A 48″x24″ cart probably makes the most sense material-wise. I need 4 sheets of plywood, which works out to about $75 if I buy 3/4″ thick birch pre-cut from Lowe’s.

The total cost, as usual, really boils down to finish. This cart might get wet, so sealing it isn’t really optional. That means I need spar urethane or a penetrating varnish. I’ll put rubber tiles on the top since I expect to be setting wet items on top.

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