Measuring TCP round-trip times, part 4: plotting the data

I added a new plot to the Site Traffic page. This is just another Wt widget in my existing Wt application that displays the traffic chart. Since Wt does not have a box plot, I’m displaying the data as a simple point/line chart. There’s a data series for each of the minimum, 25th percentile, median, 75th percentile and 95th percentile. These are global round-trip time measurements across all hosts that accessed my web site. In a very rough sense, they represent the network distance of the clients of my web site. It’s worth noting that the minimum line typically represents my own traffic, since my workstation shares an ethernet connection with my web server.

Clicking on the chart will display the values (in a table below the chart) for the time that was clicked. I added the same function to the traffic chart while I was in the code. I also started playing with mouse drag tracking so I can later add zooming.

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